Ogoni Mathematics competition by NDM Institute

In order to restore educational value in the minds of children in a waning society where education seems to be losing value. The Ogoni Mathematic competition is born. This competition is one of its kind which is just beginning. As the founders have a long-time goal of bringing out the star of every child that participates in the competition. For now, this competition is focused on the Ogoni indigenes.

Origin of Ogoni Mathematics Competition

The founder of NDM Institute found the brilliant outcomes for most students who were once classified as dull once they undergo his class. He tested some of his strategies on different students he taught, both in lessons and classroom. And he figured out any single student could be better if they are given the chance.

He, however, polish these students and took them out of several competitions and watch the students once called dullards becoming the best in their schools and shining at every competition. Over the past 4 years, NDM Institute has single-handled raised over 200 students who have won so many awards across the country in different mathematics competitions. Whichever students have been part of the NDM Institute averaged 250-340 in the last jamb.

Students of the lower class denomination have, however, competed comfortably with other students in higher class levels from top schools in Rivers states and won with ease.

Some of the competition they’ve featured includes the Royal Mathematics competition, Mathematics Olympiad, Nigeria Mathematics, MAN, and many more.

Remember these are students that were once considered dullard.

The founder of NDM Institute has been expanding this development on a larger scale starting from this geographical location. Hence, the Ogoni Mathematics Competition. Established to revive the rich educational culture in the lives of Ogoni children. To enable children to grow sporadically in the right direction through healthy competition.


Participation in this program is open to all Ogoni-Child living within the Rivers state or available to write the competition examination within Rivers state.

Being the first of its kind, all students from all levels and categories of education within the primary to secondary are eligible to participate. The competition registration has just started. Updates and more information about the competition will be announced on their official Facebook page. There will be various centers for the exam which includes all the local government in Ogoni. If an extra center will be made available in port harcourt. That is not known yet. but more details will be made available on their official Facebook page.

How can I register

Fill in the details on the link page and Pay using the link below to reserve a space for your child. Note that you can register as many children as possible. Double registration of a particular child in 2 different centers is not allowed as that may lead to disqualification of the child. Please let them shine the right way.



Lastly, registration ends On the 21st of October. The competition is meant to take place then. Any changes will be made known on the NDM INSTITUTE Facebook page.